Monday, 12 September 2016

Weekend in Pershore

Saturday was a bit of a washout weather wise, no sitting out on the river bank for me.  However there was a distinct improvement on Sunday/  We went to Pershore Abbey church in the morning and then Geoff and Gill arrived for lunch.  A very pleasant afternoon in the sun, only venturing inside to eat the main course.

I had visions of shopping in the Retail market on Monday morning as there are a couple of good butchers inside.  However I had forgotten that it was only open Wed-Sat.  Luckily there are couple more butchers in the high street and I almost managed to do most of the rest of my shopping without going into the dreaded ASDA............just had to go in for my lemon juice which was imperative for my early morning cuppa!

Rising up one of todays locks the signs were interesting.
It is hard to believe the waters rose that high when the river is so benign at the moment.
We passed this large residence with beautiful lawns rolling down to the river...
But it appeared the Canada Geese had taken it over
We reached Evesham just in time for lunch with virtually our pick of mooring places.  It has been very quiet on the river today, wonder where all the boats have gone.

Moored opposite the weir above Evesham lock.
This was not our intended stopping place BUT after spending the afternoon on the town moorings which were fine, Geoff discovered he couldn't get a TV picture on either terrestial or SKY!!
Since the second episode of Cold Feet was on tonight it was decided to up sticks (or mooring pins or something) and go through the lock as there were moorings on the other just on the other side.
Moving once we are settled for the night is not something we are prone to do.....
Well the TV picture is fine but the mooring place is less than salubrious.......

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