Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A much easier day!!

Another vast 3 miles covered!!!
However this time with just one lock and a couple of aqueducts.  Last time we came over the Edstone aqueduct it was in a strong wind and I was not over impressed.....Despite it being a calm day I elected to walk first thing and so managed to walk to the end of the aqueduct.  The footpath is set down from the canal with a stout fence so I felt quite secure!

The water is still slightly down after yesterday's debacle so we touched bottom going through the narrow bridges.

We  filled up with fuel and gas at the Anglo Welsh base at Wooten Wawen.   A certain amount of negotiating was required to achieve both....reverse into get fuel then back off and reverse into the little aqueduct adjacent to the base to get the bow accessible to change the gas cylinders.

Enough action for the day we had a nice early stop at the Wooton Wawen moorings.

Total distance:3.27 miles 
Elapsed time:2h3m26s 
Average speed:1.59 mph (2.08 lock/mph)

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