Friday, 2 September 2016

Goodbye Severn, hello Avon

We set off down Gloucester lock on a rather grey morning windy morning, but the forecast for Saturday was worse.
The run up the Severn is somewhat devoid of interest
Just the occasional enclave
We pass a couple of pubs, one of which looks inviting apart from the fact that there is nowhere for a boat to moor!
I am not sure where these boats find congenial to sail around here!
Geoff looking cheerful despite the fact that he would
have been content to stay on the G&S forever
Barnaby in his usual very inconvenient resting place whilst we are underway.  He never goes below when Petroc is on the move.

We were amazed (and delighted) to find that there was not another boat moored at Tewkesbury.   We had our pick of places and chose to return to our favourite spot just to the right of the lock where there is a nice sitting out area and very convenient for Barney.  How lucky can we get....we arrived just before lunchtime and very soon afterwards the boats started arriving from all directions and by late afternoon all the moorings were full and even two moored down on the lock waiting pontoon.

The weather improved gradually and it turned into a wonderful evening.
Wind all gone and the water looks like oil
So we have bought our 2 week licence and will set off up the Avon on Monday.

Total distance:13.33 miles 
Elapsed time:4h1m3s 

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