Friday, 9 September 2016


Eckington Bridge...Wednesday morning as we departed.
As we left we were undecided as to our destination...Pershore or the picnic site moorings just before Pershore lock........

Just one lock at Nafford to negotiate.  This is the one where you have to open the swing bridge which goes over the lock before ascending.  

As we left the lock this was the sorry sight we saw
Couldn't quite work out how the boat arrived there!
When we reached the Picnic site mooring they were completely empty so that was an easy decision.

Sunset at the mooring.
We had been joined by one other boat by then.
On Thursday morning we had visitors for coffee.  Tony & Di together with their friends Mike and Ilona were en route for a day out in Worcester.  Luckily the early morning rain had cleared so we could all sit out on the picnic tables.....great spot to moor.

After their departure we went through Pershore lock and moored by the playing field moorings.  
Another delightful spot and a lovely town.  It is only marred by the fact that the only reasonable sized supermarket is Asda which is not my favourite.  However the town makes up for it in many other ways.

Friday lunch time saw the arrival of more visitors.  Maggie & Wally arrived.  We managed to partly have lunch outside..but Maggie and I were driven in by the rain........the showers didn't last long so Wally put up his umbrella and carried on and Geoff decided to keep him company.

Yesterday I happened to look at our Avon licence which we purchased as we came through Tewkesbury.  We paid for a 2 week licence but they have put the wrong ending date on it and only given us the week.  However it does have the price we paid so if anyone queries it I am hoping that will suffice.  We plan to use the whole 2 weeks to get to Stratford.


roger said...

the Avon trust office is behind the Marina at Wyre Piddle. You could walk to it from your Pershore moorings and they could fix up your licence there. We found them very helpful when we needed it last year.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Many thanks Roger
If it stops raining I may try that today

Ade said...

Hi Gillian & Geoff,
I hope I got that right ! Enjoying the blog since I found you from Adams Briar Rose list.
I see you will be passing soon I don't see them on your blog list but Tom and Jan are quite well known from their blog and amazing tale from their NB build if you haven't seen it it's worth a look back "The dispicable Ben Harp" if you haven't seen it. My wife and I met them July 15 and they took us for a cruise, we had a great time.
Hope you get to meet up keep sharing your travels and I'll keep enjoying reading them.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Thanks reading!

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Hi Roger
Walked to the office at Wyre Piddle yesterday......shut!!!!!