Monday, 19 September 2016

Last lazy days on the river

Riverside at Stratford below the lock
Lovely weekend for our last few days on the river.  Still quiet with boats until Sunday late afternoon when it did fill up a bit.

On Saturday I took myself off the the cinema, a rare occurrence, to see Bridget Jones's Baby...had to be done if only to see Colin Firth.....

Sunday was church in Holy Trinity otherwise know as Shakespeares church.  This is where he was baptised, worshipped and is buried.  There was a large choir and good hymns but the sermon largely passed me by.....mainly because I couldn't hear most of it.   I thought my deafness was becoming worse until Geoff said he had had the same problem......(maybe we both are!!)   It wasn't that we couldn't hear the sounds but the speech was just not clear despite the microphone the lady vicar was using.

This was followed by an excellent Sunday Lunch in the Old Tramway Inn on our side of the river and away from the crowds in the town.  This is a dog passionate pub, not just dog friendly, so Barnaby was made a great fuss of and I suspect received several treats.

The plot was to depart early Monday morning to start on our way up the locks........however as with all plans they can be changed.    We awoke to rain and more forecast throughout the day.  We are not in a rush so we have decided to stay over a day.

I read in the paper today that in order to ward off the onset of Alzheimer's I should be considering a new pastime, maybe learning a foreign language or learning to play the piano.......much better for me that all the crosswords and sudokos etc that I do!!!!!!  However tomorrow it may be a different story so maybe I wont rush just yet.

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