Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Long weekend in Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury Abbey 
Friday evening we had good fish and chips from the shop close to our mooring.

Saturday dawned dull and dreary as promised although the rain did not arrive in earnest until later in the day.   By that time we had enjoyed an excellent cooked breakfast in Melanies cafe in the High Street....highly recommended.

I had also enjoyed a pedicure in the high street with a great back massage at the same time!!

Sunday was church at the Abbey followed by an excellent lunch with Geoff & Gill Smith and daughter Helen.  Geoff kindly chauffeured us to and fro to their house in Bredon.

Monday dawned wet and dull so we decided to postpone our departure a day.  That was probably a mistake as Geoff then decided to go for a long walk with Barney and on his return he slipped whilst getting aboard.  He did the proverbial, one leg on the boat and one leg in the water.......he gave himself quite a shock.  It is a good job I did not witness the episode as I have this terrible failing....I cannot help laughing at these events.......the laughter comes quite unbidden and is not normally appreciated by the unfortunates!   He now has a sore back......

Today was a much better day so after some shopping which included two huge pork chops from the butcher, we set off. We fuelled etc at Tewkesbury Marina and then had a gentle cruise through one lock at Strensham.

Passing Gill & Geoff's village of Bredon
 Double locks now but we were lucky enough to share.  Our goal was the picnic site at Eckington Bridge.  Here we were again fortunate as there was only room for one boat and it was empty.  The rest of the space was taken up by work boats who are working on the bridge.

Geoff settled down for his normal siesta after lunch (what a creature of habit!!) and I settled myself with chair, crossword etc on the bank in the shade for a peaceful afternoon.....or so I thought.   A man and his son were fishing some way behind Petroc.  6 year old Henry took a liking to Barnaby and spent most of the afternoon trying to get Barnaby to play whilst chattering away to me.  He was a very nice little boy so one could not be rude but he was also a very talkative little boy!!!  Hence not such a peaceful afternoon.

After supper we had a surprise visit from Geoff, Gill and Helen who came aboard for a cup of coffee.

All in all....not bad day.   Onward towards Pershore tomorrow.

Total distance:7.61 miles 
Elapsed time:2h21m33s 
Average speed:3.23 mph (3.65 lock/mph)


Boe said...

So what you are very politely saying is that a really annoying little boy ruined your afternoon siesta ! And you are eating lots of food !! ??

Gillian Lovegrove said...

I don't siesta......I just relax!!