Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Here endeth this years cruising.....very sad

Yesterday Monday was just one of those days when you close everything up and sit out the weather.  However because of Barney we did have to take it in turns to don wet weather gear a couple of times each.

We had also arranged a meet up with Helen and Paul, ex Clifton Cruisers, which was why we had moored close the the Willoughby Bridge.    Of all the days of our summer to choose this was the wettest.  However, intrepid boaters as they were, they braved the rain and walked down the towpath to Petroc where we shared the bottle of bubbly Geoff had bought for our anniversary a few days ago.
We then drove to the Dun Cow at Dunchurch and had a very good meal and a great catch up,

Today dawned dull and still somewhat windy for out last trip of the year but at least the rain had stopped.

Going down our last lock of the year at Hillmorton our 447th this year

So is is farewell for the year, see you all in 2015

Barney says cheerio also
Total distance:6.74 miles 
Elapsed time:3h45m50s 
Average speed:1.26 mph (2.41 lock/mph) 

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