Thursday, 9 October 2014

The wind did blow

It was certainly windy this morning but most importantly it was not raining, in fact it was a nice morning.
 a fair bit of blue sky but we did wonder how long it would last.
Barney and I walked to the Calcutt Locks which we ascended in splendid isolation.   No lock buddies around, maybe it was to do with the time of was only 9am when we started on our way up.   Once again using only one paddle they are quite gentle.

The billowing of Geoff's coat reflects the strength of the wind as we approach Napton junction.
I think all the marinas in this area must suffer from the wind.....Ventnor Farm, Calcutt and Wigrams Turn.

After turning left at the junction our goal was moorings after bridge 101....the question was would we reach there before the rain.......

We were lucky, although the wind increased the rain still did not come, and by the time it did we were snugly tied up and down below.   A steady stream of boats in both directions have passed us all day.

Total distance:5.37 miles 
Elapsed time:2h10m41s
Average speed:2.47 mph (3.84 lock/mph) 

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Adam said...

That area is very windy at the best of times. Ventnor is derived from the French for north wind -- and someone told me that Calcutt comes from the early English word for wind.