Sunday, 5 October 2014

Weekend in Radford Semele

Saturday morning dawn

The forecast for Saturday was for rain but at the early hour we were up and about there was no sign of it.........   but it didn't take long to appear.  So I settled down to do a few VAT you do......
By late morning there were signs of improvement so I took myself off on the bus to Leamington for a bit of a mooch around.  

When Geoff took Barney for his early morning walk on Sunday he reported that Autumn had definitely arrived......even a slight hint of ice around. 

Dawn on Sunday
St Nicholas Church peeping through
 I snuggled down when I heard those words.......Church was not until 10.30 so plenty of time for it to warm up.
and it did warm up, plenty of blue sky and sunshine
We went up to the service of Holy Communion at St Nicholas.   Last year when we came through (not on a Sunday) I went to see the restoration work but Geoff missed it, so he was interested to see what they had done.  The church was almost gutted due to an arson attack in 2008.  Click on the link above to see.  It is a fantastic feat of restoration, the only part I find sad it that they cannot leave the church open during the week.

Restored St Nicholas
The outside belies the inside which is very modern and really quite beautiful, albeit in a very different way.

Later we walked up to the village again to go to the White Lion for lunch.   This is a Chef and Brewer and the menu looked inviting.   Unfortunately outward appearances were a little deceptive.  Although not a complete disaster the meal left something to be desired.  My Pork Belly had a very soggy top and their second attempt was no better.  There also seems to be a breakdown in communication in the kitchen as the service was very slow.   Still we were not in a rush so we went with the flow.........but it very difficult in these circumstances to know what to reply when they ask if everything was alright with the meal.....I don't think they really expect any other reply than 'lovely thank you'....well they were disappointed today!!

Back to Petroc for a last sit in the sun...the forecast for all next week is wind and rain.......our good luck is about to change I feel.

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