Wednesday, 8 October 2014

To go or not to go

It was one of those days.   The forecast was now not as bad as they said last night and in addition Thursday which they said would be good, now looked not so good!!!!
So we decided to walk across the fields to the shop for a few things and make a decision on our rained well on us whilst we were out so it was nearly a 'no go' but once back at the boat there was a glimpse of blue sky so what the heck we decided to go.....
One is spoilt for choice of pubs in this area.......Two Boats on one side
The Cuttle Inn on the other side
and two locks up you have The Blue Lias
and in the village there are 3 more I think!  Spoilt for choice but we had food on board so apart from a drink last night at the Two Boats we did not avail ourselves of any of them.

No locking buddies today and we only met one boat on the way down.   However the rain held off for all 10 of the locks and only started again when we were in the middle of mooring up just a short distance beyond the top lock.   It was a pleasant and relative easy run up by just using one paddle in each lock it saved Geoff's efforts and I didn't get banged around......

Total distance:2.37 miles 
Elapsed time:2h27m17s 
Average speed:0.96 mph (5.04 lock/miles

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