Thursday, 2 October 2014

Where does Warwick end and Leamington Spa begin

A gentle start to the day as we were not going far.   This stretch of the canal does not see much of Warwick and Leamington certainly turns it's back on the canal.    However we stopped to shop at Tescos which I think was Tesco Warwick and then carried on a little to see if there was space to moor by Lidl...must be Leamington now!   There was almost enough space for us to squeeze on by using a stake for the rear line.   There are 4 other boats moored here but no sign of any bodies on them.   However neither is there a mooring limit notice so it is obviously all up for grabs.

Boat of the day
Geoff walked into Leamington and back to find a barber....he is now much sprucer!   I plan the same tomorrow morning but I shall take the bus, at least one way.

Total distance:2.87 miles 
Elapsed time:3h13m16s 
Average speed:0.89 mph (1.82 lock/mph)