Friday, 10 October 2014

A beautiful day

Well it was rather chilly and the wind was still blowing although not as hard as yesterday BUT the sky was blue and it was one of those beautiful mornings on the canal.   However we did not have far to go.
Braunston Church was soon coming into view
and then Braunston Junction

The church peeping out 
Still blue sky
The cloud did build up later in the day but it stayed dry for us to go up into the village to shop.  One of our purchases was two ginormous pork chops from the butcher.   We were fortunate to get on one of the 48 hour moorings close to the marina entrance.  We deliberated about whether to stay after shopping or go out into the country but I fancied trying the Gongoozlers Boat for breakfast tomorrow as a we stayed.....

We also found the Round House open for the first time.  It was manned by a CRT volunteer who told us they tried to keep it open for most days of the week, all with volunteers.   Barney did well as she was a dog lover and kept biscuits there.

Total distance:1.84 miles 
Elapsed time:1h16m49s 
Average speed:0.56 mph (0.56 lock/mph) 

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