Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Long Itchington

Geoff started the day gaining lots of Brownie points.  I awoke to find a card, a bottle of bubbly and 3 of my favourite chocolate bars of the moment.............Guess who had forgotten it was our 42nd wedding anniversary??  My only excuse is that I was so intent on remembering it was grandson Oscars 4th birthday........

With not much hope of a locking buddy we were pleasantly surprised to see a boat behind us as we rose in the first lock.   So we waited for them and managed two together but we then had to stop at the sani station.  We needed water as it had been a week since our last fill up so knowing it would take at least 1/2 an hour we sadly told them to carry on.  The sani station was a pleasant surprise.  last time we came through here, the elsan point was quite disgusting......lo and behold there is a brand new one!

Our luck held as a boat went past just as we were finishing so we were able to team up again for the rest of the locks to Long Itchington.  He was a single hander who was extremely nimble, running along his roof and swinging himself up to the lock side.......Geoff reckoned he might have been the same about 20 years ago!!

Plenty of mooring here but only mooring rings for about two boats and we lucked in again.......

We took ourselves off to the Two Boats pub before supper to have a celebration drink.    Instead of my normal 1/2 of cider I decided to have a Bombay Sapphire & Tonic...really pushing the boat out!

Forecast for tomorrow not good so may have to stay a day.

Total distance:4.94 miles 
Elapsed time:4h31m0s 

Average speed:1.09 mph (3.31 lock/mph)

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