Thursday, 25 June 2015

Away at last

 The familiar sight of Braunston Church comes into view

Well we have escaped at last........such a late start this year but it was all worth it as Emma & Dave had a fantastic wedding.
So this morning we said our goodbyes to everyone at Clifton Cruisers and set off to get beyond Braunston.  Normally we would have moored there but this weekend they have an Historic Boat Rally so there is a lack of mooring space for the hoi poloi.  

Despite the clouds in the picture above it was been a beautiful day for our first day of cruising

I wonder what it is like down below!

Braunston Turn
Could it be Steptoe & Son taken to the water?
So we are heading in the direction of Stratford.......sometime next week, probably early rather than later, we shall be tackling the Hatton Flight at Warwick so if anyone fancies a bit of exercise.......feel free to visit!!

Total distance:9.7 miles Elapsed time:3hr 50min Locks:3 Bridges:28
Average speed:2.54 

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