Monday, 12 September 2011

Windy Thrupp

A quiet gentle day yesterday after all our visitors on Saturday.   We went to Church at Shipton upon Cherwell in the morning where we had a very warm welcome.
Listening to the forecast last night we did think we might move today as it did not sound as though the wind would be as bad as we had originally thought.  However by this morning things were not looking so good so we decided that we would stay put another day.  We thought we might be a bit wimpish but as the morning has progressed so has the wind and we definitely made the right decision.
Maffi on Milly M is not so fortunate as he has to be in Lower Heyford tomorrow as he has a slot booked to do his blacking.   He was moored just behind us but facing the wrong way so he had to reverse down to the swing bridge which Geoff was standing by to open.
I was glad it was him doing it and not me as it was not an easy task.
Very difficult at the start
Going well as he approaches the bridge
Not Bad!
Almost through
Made it!
It is very difficult to convey the strength of the wind with the pictures........only belatedly have I realised I should have been videoing it........

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