Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Go away wind!!

We had planned an earlyish start, the forecast said dry but still windy though less than yesterday....they said.......
We were hemmed in by two boats who showed no signs of life, let alone leaving.  The wind was blowing us hard on so we knew it would be an interesting departure....It was managed however with the aid of our friend on the narrowboat Cat, who was behind us.  He gallantly pushed us away from him as we reversed out.
Once clear it was more straightforward but still very windy.  Some of the bridges on the Thames are very appealing.
Little Wittenham Bridge
We had been warned by the lock keeper at Clifton Lock to keep an eye out for David Walliams who was doing his sponsored swim from Lechlade to London.  Sure enough just as we were approaching Culham Lock we saw his party of boats.
He's the one in the silver bathing hat
Needless to say we had slowed right down by this time!!   he certainly hasn't chosen the best weather for his epic swim.  At least there is not any rain today......just that wretched wind.
Approaching Abingdon there is this sign marking the original junction with the now derelict Wilts and Berks Canal
Just beyond that notice is this bridge which also seems to lead to the old canal.
And so to Abingdon itself.   We decided to moor, if we could, before the bridge in case there was no room beyond it.   With a lot of wellie we managed to squeeze in between a wide beam and a plastic job.  The shore is ideal for Barney BUT the bank is very high and it takes quite an athletic leap for him to get on and off.....come to that it is no so easy for me either.   However we only plan to stay one night so we shall put up with it.
After coffee time Geoff took B for a stroll up to the lock and found that there was tons of space beyond the bridge!!!!
7.61 miles, 2 locks, 2hrs 33 min

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