Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fenny Compton

This is the sign by the moorings above Cropredy Lock.   Most of it I understand and it is very polite, however the reference to Hardwick Lock is more difficult to understand.   Hardwick Lock is 4 locks back and not far from Banbury....have they made a mistake in the name of the lock or do they really want you to relocate over 2 hours away.........enlightenment welcomed.......

Anyway we departed the moorings just before 9, we had 3 locks to negotiate before we reached the Claydon Flight of 5 which are still on restricted opening times from 10am-2pm.

There was a very strange sky as we left as though it wasn't sure what it was going to bring.   In the event the rain held off for a good while but arrived just as we reached the bottom of the Claydon Flight.....and boy did it arrive!!   There were 3 boats ahead of us but we still made reasonable time through, we were at the top by 11.30 and then the short run to our intended destination of Fenny Compton.

By now the wind had increased and as were were on the summit was really making itself felt.   Geoff had difficulty persuading Petroc to turn at one of the corners, good job nothing was coming the other way......

We passed through the tree lined narrow area which was originally two tunnels and then we were nearly there.  There was plenty of room on the moorings so we moored under the trees just as the rain started again.
This afternoon there has been more rain and thunderstorms but we are snug down below...
5.7 miles, 8 locks, 4hrs 5 min

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