Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beale Park

I was extremely sad to leave our delightful mooring at Pangbourne this morning, it had everything going for it, pleasant surroundings, passing interest(but not too much) walk to the shops, good walks for Barney, railway station, all in all a delightful place for me to leave Geoffrey for a couple of days whilst I swan off to London for a reunion.  The fly in the ointment is that it is 24 hours only and it has been known for people to be moved on.  C'est la vie.......
So we up pinned and went through Whitchurch Lock
Whitchurch Bridge ahead.  This is the toll bridge that Giles et al have to use to get into Pangbourne from where they live.  There is a planned closure of this bridge from October 2012 to April 2013 for reconstruction so that will make things inconvenient for some.  Apparently they will be a temporary bridge for pedestrians.
We were alone in Whitchurch Lock and the lock keeper whilst perfectly polite was not very chatty.........
A very gentle amble as far as Beale Park where we had to look carefully for the best mooring place as there were several wasp nests around.  Anyway we seem to be snuggled in nicely.
I have spent the afternoon on Gillyma duties (granny) trying to entertain a nearly 3 year old and almost 11 month old whilst Susannah did a massive bake for an order she has to take to London tomorrow.......she is incredibly artistic and makes these wonderfully decorated cup cakes and other cakes also..........
I have now returned to Petroc for a medicinal glass of Pimms........I don't know how we ever coped with 3 small children.....
Just after my return this huge Dutch barge came up river.  They had been moored right behind us last night in Pangbourne and we did comment that we hoped he didn't break free of his moorings.
2.23 miles, 1 lock, 1hr 11 min

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Ruth & John said...

Hi Gill, Ruth John and Ruby (the cavalier king charles spaniel) are looking after the Brambles this week.
The garden is looking great this year (3rd visit).
Pleased to see our Oxfordshire/Berkshire locations on your Blog. I hope you had an opportunity to see St Thomas of Canterbury church, they have done some fantastic reordering.
Enjoy the rest of your pilgrimage. The Bishop of Oxford has been visiting local churches of note as part of his pilgrimage imitative during the summer, All part of his 'Living Faith' programme.
Best regards
Ruth and John