Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back aboard Petroc

For me a successful reunion (WRAF Officers) in London where a lot of talking was done!!!!  On Sunday morning a group of us attended St Clement Danes Church in London (The RAF Church)
Meanwhile back on Petroc Geoff observed 2 rescues......
A plastic job lost their umbrella
The Air Ambulance landed alongside Petroc (suspected heart attack on one of the boats)
There were also various steam boats in as they were having a rally somewhere, although he did not see a lot of action and it did not seem to be very well organised.  However there were some pretty boats.

and also a serious swimmer
Geoff also had welcome visitors on Saturday as Tony and Di, very old friends dropped in to see him.  They all had lunch at the Swan in Streetley which is in a beautiful setting, ideal to watch all the river activity as you sit on their patio.   It is however somewhat expensive and they had to send Di's salad back as the lettuce was full of grit!!!!
We rounded off the weekend when I returned with a BBQ at Giles and Susannah's, our last meet with them and the grandchildren for a while.........
We drove ourselves back to Beale Park, leaving the car for Giles to collect tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately both the gates to the car park were locked so we had to leave it someway down the river giving us a 40 minute walk back to Petroc across the fields and along the river bank!!!!  We made it just as it became really dark......we had forgotten to take a torch!!!!!

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Anne hall said...

The serious swimmer could be David Walliams, the comedian from "Little Britain" as he is practising to swim the 140 miles length of the River Thames. Remember he swam the Channel for Sports Relief a couple of years ago.