Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pause in Braunston

The pause was to have our cratch cover and pram hood repaired.   We had excellent service from A J Canopies.  We had taken them in yesterday about 11.30 and 24 hours later Fraser brought them back to Petroc, all finished and did some repair work with the poppers on the boat for us.   Petroc is now suitably clad again and what a difference they make.   We are so used to having the extra space they afford that yesterday she seemed like a strange boat........and of course it rained!!!
The layover day was extremely fortuitous as it meant we could meet up with Paul & Helen from Clifton Cruisers.   Clifton is Petrocs winter home where she is wonderfully looked after by Paul, Helen, Phil and Victoria, and also Neil.
Paul and Helen were starting out on a 2 week cruise on their liveaboard boat Barrogill.  They came past us early after lunch so we walked up to the Braunston Locks to give them a hand locking through.
Ben is also in attendance.  It was very interesting that he ignored Barnaby completely.  Normally when we get to Clifton where Ben is on his own territory he takes a rather unhealthy interest in Barnaby until he gets used to having him around again.
The first 3 locks were negotiated successfully but a faulty top paddle on lock number 4 caused a major hold up.   BW eventually arrived and at least 1 1/2 hours later boats were on the move again.  
In the evening we met up with Paul & Helen at the Admiral Nelson for a meal and catch up.
A good day all round but tomorrow is our last cruise of the sad.....

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