Thursday, 8 September 2011


Last run on the river today.......I find that very sad.....
We watered etc above Abingdon lock and had a pleasant run to Oxford.
As we got closer we wondered if we were in the right country!!

We stopped on the moorings above Osney Lock so Geoff could nip up to town to get a few things..........I suspect cigarettes were on the list!!!!!
We moored here on the way down and they are very convenient for visiting the town.  The first 24 hours are free, then it is £5 a night for the next 2 nights and the £25 if you exceed that.  We fee that is quite acceptable for popular moorings and wish they did that at more places on the Thames.  
However once on the canals we are back to free moorings and even the opportunity to moor out in open, especially on the Oxford.
We departed after shopping as we had arranged to meet Bones and Maffi at Aristotle Bridge near the Anchor pub.....I wonder why we were mooring near a pub!!
We took our flowers and aerial off the roof to get under Osney bridge which is very was a close run thing whether we would have got under or not but decided it was better to be safe than sorry.
A few sharp turns brought us to Isis Lock the first lock on the Oxford Canal.  After all the big Thames locks and the double ones on the K&A it looked titchy.........
Just a bit further on and we moored by the park before Aristotle bridge.   The moorings were empty when we arrived but quite soon we were joined by Maffi and a little later by Bones.   They had both been moored down the arm at the end of the canal.
Later we all had a very convivial evening in the anchor with a good meal.....although it is not the cheapest pub we have frequented this year.....
10.38 miles, 3 locks, 4hrs 28 min

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