Friday, 9 September 2011

Back to Thrupp

We left before 8 this morning with the objective of reaching Thrupp at the optimum time to find space to moor.
Bones left just after us (Maffi must have still been abed!) and we hopped swing bridges and locks at first but we were held up after a while.   There is a long line of moorings just before our last swing bridge which only allows one way passage through.  I had to reverse back for one boat and then pause in the middle for another.  Bones on the other hand managed to get through the swing bridge on their opening so was back long before us.
Just before Thrupp there is a water point on a very sharp bend just before a bridge.  A boat was watering there so that made getting past quite tricky.  Then lo and behold there is another sharp turn and we had to meet a boat coming the other way....sod's law.....
We paused outside the Jolly Boatman so I could walk ahead to check on space.....tons of it, so we are nicely placed.  Whether we go on or not tomorrow depends on the weather...very strong winds are forecast and it is so nice here.........
5.74 miles, 4 locks, 3hrs 26 min

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