Thursday, 7 July 2016


Wednesday was a beautiful day and we could take advantage of the grassy area alongside Petroc.  Gill & Geoff Smith came for morning coffee and we had a good catch up.

Tewkesbury's buildings are a mixture of the very old.......
.....and the very modern
The Abbey in the distance as Boe, Barney & I walked on the Ham
The original intention was to stay a couple of nights and move off today, but we are not in a rush so with the lock keepers OK we have paid for 4 more nights and now plan to depart on Monday.  This weekend is the Tewkesbury Medieval festival when they re-enact the Battle of Tewkesbury which should provide some entertainment.   

Staying longer meant Geoff had to walk one of our loo cassettes up to the marina where he was very dischuffed to be charged £5 to empty it!!!!!

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