Friday, 29 July 2016

Back aboard

Boe took this today at Camden Lock
which looks a lot busier than where we are at the moment
Note the algae in the picture...this is what fooled Barnaby when we were on the Chesterfield Canal....he thought it was grass so had one of only two dunkings in the canal.

Back on board Petroc after a busy couple of weeks spring cleaning the house ready for the first holidaymakers.   They arrived last Saturday and are now firmly settled in our house.   I was lucky enough to have Boe with me for the week as I don't think I would have managed on my own.  Meanwhile the building of our Granny Annexe continues well and I was able to move some of our possession across instead of packing them all away as normal.

Geoff has managed perfectly well without me and has moved a couple of times for a change of scene, albeit not very far.......finally ending up on the moorings at Rea Swing bridge which is only a 10 minute walk from the bus.

We had a gentle little cruise today whilst the washing machine was busy......Geoff was not brave enough to tackle the washing on Petroc!!   We paused at coffee time at a convenient water point.

We were aiming for Saul but spied a peaceful spot somewhat short of there and decided it would do for the day..  However since we want to visit the cafe at Saul for our Saturday cooked breakfast, I have been advised that departure time is 8am!!!

Total distance:2.27 miles Elapsed time:1h46m12s Locks:0Bridges:0 
Average speed:1.28 mph (1.28 lock/mph)

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