Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A gentle saunter towards Saul

They may look beautiful.....
....but not when hissing and pecking at the window whilst I am cooking supper!!
A short trip towards Saul today.  The first two bridges are high enough for us to pass under but from now on it is all opening bridges.  We found a good spot short of the moorings at Saul that was nicely open.   A bit grassy on the bank but nothing we couldn't cope with.

We had decided to go for an early evening stroll to the pub in Frampton upon Severn.   We set out in the dry but had to take shelter under the trees half way there as there was an almighty downpour.   Arriving at the Bell pub we discovered it was not a dog friendly pub.   Plenty of seating outside but all seats soaking wet and the threat of more rain.  I did venture inside to ask if there was a quiet corner we could secrete ourselves with Barney but got a firm refusal.  However I was told there was an outside covered area and the barman kindly directed me to it.........it proved to be where bikes were stored and no sign of any tables!!!
So it was back to the boat disappointed.........over 3 miles walked in vain!!!!

Total distance:5.93 miles 
Elapsed time:2h1m56s 
Average speed:2.92 mph (2.92 lock/mph) 

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