Monday, 11 July 2016

Onward to Gloucester

Upper Lode Lock, descending towards Gloucester
It took us some time to actually get on our way.  We decided to go upstream on the Avon to Tewkesbury Marina to fill up with Diesel, etc........this time we did not have to pay £5 for emptying the loo cassette as we were buying fuel!!!!

It was one of those windy, cloudy days as you can see in the picture.  By the time we were back at Avon lock ready to head down and towards Gloucester it was like Piccadilly going all ways and we had to wait ages for our turn in the lock.  Nowhere suitable to moor and interesting to hold position in the wind.  Eventually it was our turn and we went down accompanied by NB Quackers who were also heading for Gloucester.  It was quite nice to have company down the river as apart from them we only saw one other boat coming the other way and it is not the most interesting stretch of water.

The black clouds loomed over us most of the way but luckily only produced the occasional bit of rain.  We had phoned ahead to Gloucester Lock when we reached Upper Parting so had only minimal time to hover outside the lock before we could enter.   It is not the best place to tie up as it is chains on a high wall and we are still very conscious of our new paintwork!!!  

We carried on past the big Sainsburys where the shopping moorings were completely free, often they are full.   We didn't need shopping yet so carried on through Hempsted bridge and managed a nice enough mooring just beyond.....enough travelling for the day.   

Total distance:15.50 miles 
Elapsed time:5h10m27s 
Average speed:3.65 mph (4.39 lock/mph)....shows how fast we were going down the river!!!

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