Tuesday, 5 July 2016

2 days to Tewkesbury

We set off for Tewkesbury on Monday in beautiful sunshine and thought how lucky we were.  However as we progressed down the Severn the clouds built up and so did the wind, but fortunately no rain.   The intention had been to reach Tewkesbury but when we reached Upton upon Severn there was plenty of mooring space (unusually) so we decided to call it a day.  An interesting turn across the flow of the river as the river was running quite well!!
A phone call to Fran and Keith who were planning to meet us in Tewkesbury to advise of a change of plan.  This was not difficult for them as the distance between the two by road is not great.
They arrived later together with son Adrian and grandson Alex, neither of whom we had seen for several years, and we had a good time at supper in the Swan Hotel although the food was only moderate......luckily the company was much better.
For such a small place Upton has a large number of pubs.....there are 6 within 5 mins walk from the moorings........all on top of one another.

Tuesday morning dawned grey, windy and chill.......especially at 6 am when Barney decided he needed to go out.  However we had not planned an early start and by the time we left about 10.30 things were looking a bit better.   So we had a good run down to Tewkesbury which was surprisingly quiet and we have a great mooring spot just to the right of the lock.

Boe arrived mid afternoon by train.....no station at Tewkesbury but Ashchurch is the station and is a 20 min bus ride away.   I met her at the bus stop and we whiled away some time in a delightful coffee shop as Geoffrey was still siestering and we didn't want to wake him!!!!!!!

Must do better with pictures........have become lazy as we are travelling over familiar ground!!!!

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