Sunday, 31 July 2016

Gentle weekend around Saul


As requested I was ready to depart from our very pleasant mooring at 8am!!
Despite the look of the sky it was in fact a lovely one on the move except for us and the two fishermen on the far bank

The goal was the Stables Cafe in Saul for our Saturday cooked breakfast.   We were lucky enough to find a suitable space to moor within sight of the cafe.

En route we passed NB Waterways Route obviously updating
some pictures for his guides.   I hope he has a good balance
After satisfying the inner man we moved through the next bridge and found a quieter spot for the rest of the weekend.   
We had looked up the local churches (there are 5 within a very small area) and discovered that Frampton had a Pet Service at 11 so we took Barney along.  It was about a mile away so within my walking capabilities....There were a couple more dogs, two hedgehogs and a hampster.......not a big congregation but everyone was very welcoming and Barney behaved himself impeccably as usual!!
A visit to the Bell Inn in Frampton was necessary after the walk back, just for a pre lunch drink!!
Sunday lunch on board today.....presently cooking in the oven.


Total distance:3.19 miles 
Elapsed time:1h39m36s (Not including breakfast pause!)
Average speed:1.15 mph (1.15 lock/mph) 

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