Thursday, 14 July 2016

Stocking up at Sainsburys.

Trip boat with a party of very enthusiastic schoolchildren
A domestic day today as I prepare to leave Geoffrey for about 10 days.   We awoke to blue skies and no wind, how delightful.  Chugged back up to Sainsburys to do a big shop for him, however a few stops en route.   Watered and disposed of rubbish and emptied loo and far more significantly had a huge late breakfast in the Stables cafe in Saul.  We chose the mega size and and I was defeated.........

After shopping we went back to find a mooring close to where I could catch a bus into the station tomorrow.

Total distance:10.67 miles Elapsed time:4h12m54s Locks:0Bridges:11 
Average speed:3.12 mph (3.12 lock/mph) 

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