Friday, 21 June 2013

sojourn in Stratford

A very  gentle few days here before we begin the climb out early tomorrow morning.
So far no problems on our canal mooring (our ropes were untied last time we moored here).
Thursday evening we went to the RSC to see a production of As You Like It.  It was extremely well done, the only frustrating thing is not being able to hear all the words clearly.  I was not alone as Geoff had the same problem.  Part of the problem is that we are perhaps not as familiar with Shakespeare's language as we might be!!  I was not certain it was my cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was certainly streets ahead of the last Shakespeare production we went to.  That was in the open air theatre by Reading Goal when we were moored there a few years ago.  That was so abysmal that I left half way through...... Prior to this show we treated ourselves to a pre-theatre dinner in the rooftop restaurant which was excellent and great views over the river and meadows.

Although the meadows are busy during the day, if one were moored on the river you would have it almost to yourselves in the evening.    There are half a dozen boats moored there but tons of space.  We have contented ourselves this time with walking the meadows and river walks.

Sad to leave tomorrow but we have a deadline to be back at Clifton.

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