Monday, 10 June 2013

11 locks to Tamworth

Early start (0715!!!)as we did not want to be held up at the locks.   However we were not the earliest risers as someone had been through in our direction before us.   Luck was with us as when we reached the first lock a boat was just coming out.  This should have meant that all the locks were set for us but that did not take into account how leaky the locks are..........still we met one or two other boats on the way up so it only took us just over the 2 hours to complete.

The weather was still grey with not much sign of the sun breaking through but it was a pleasant run through mainly rural area.  I was allowed off the tiller for the last two locks to get some exercise!!

...and so to the top of Glascote Locks where we are on the outskirts of Tamworth.   We have never stopped here before so Geoff immediately went on his reconnoitre of the town.

He discovered Tamworth Castle
The castle boasts a wealth of history as Tamworth was an important town in the Kingdom of Mercia.

He discovered the huge church of St Editha's
The church is one of the largest and oldest in the Midlands and dates back about 1200 years.  Sadly we will not be here on a Sunday or Wednesday to attend one of the services.
Today the interior was laid with tables, including in front of the High Altar.   Geoff asked if they were expecting an extra large Last Supper, onlyto be told that over the next four days they would be hosting over 1000 local primary school children.

That is certainly one way to encourage children into church!!
A pleasant enough mooring just before the top of Glascote locks but not sure about the pub which is a short distance  away.  However when we moored up just before lunch when some people on two small cruisers moored in front of us, came back to their boats the smell indicated that they had collected Fish & Chips.......the smell was too tempting but we resisted until this evening.   A very short walk brought be to a good Fish & Chippie, very clean and with a very cheerful lady serving me..... the fish was excellent.......

Total distance:8.93 miles 
Elapsed time:5h11m32s
Average speed:1.72 mph (3.84 lock/mph) 

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