Friday, 7 June 2013

...and a little way further

We had intended leaving about 8.30 to be passing Hawkesbury Junction about 10, but we were both up early, I having reverted to my 3.30am wakening, so we were underway by 8.30 and stopped about 11.......
Once again the day started chill and we had several layers on but the sun broke through to give another good day.
Entrance to disused Wykern Colliery now used by boats
We stopped at Hawkesbury briefly for the sani station
Congenial Moorings if there is space.
In the stop lock, sharp turns ahead!!
The Greyhound Pub
We were not stopping for the pub today, excellent though it is as we had a full fridge!

Todays interesting boat
Garden Creatures at Charity Dock
Boatyard at Charity Dock
We found a suitably congenial mooring place just after the Marston Junction where the Ashby Canal goes off.  Last year we travelled the 22 miles of this lockless canal but this time we were giving it a miss.

Geoff set off to explore the neighbourhood as is his wont....  Bedworth being the nearby habitation.

Former Almshouses, now private residences

The tow path was not as wide as last nights mooring place but this did not stop Barney from lying right in the middle of it, causing the cyclists to navigate around him!!
Later Geoff and Barney walked up part of the Ashby, I had had my exercise first thing in the morning with him.......can't overdo it !
Start of the Ashby Canal
Total distance:7.09 miles
 Elapsed time:3h9m11s
Average speed:2.25 mph (2.57 lock/mph) 

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