Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hatton Flight

Up with the lark again, we had arranged with Krystyna to depart at 7 but in the event we were both ready by 0645 so we set off.  A quick visit to the sani station at the top of Hatton and we were off down the flight at 8.15.     No one else was around for the first few locks but eventually we met one or two  boats coming up.   Yesterday we had seen more boats than we had seen since our departure going in both directions so    we were surprised it wasn't busier.   Back to wide locks now so it is good to have company.   It was an uneventful but pleasant run down and we both had decided to moor below the two Cape locks.  Unfortunately there was no space there so we plodded on looking for another congenial spot......and on....and on....all through Warwick and Leamington and there are no decent moorings or not what we would call decent anyway.    The Nicholsons Guide gives a good write up about the moorings at Leamington ....well there is a line with rings but in a most undesirable place.   Leamington Spa does not show its finer side to the canal route.   We eventually pulled in by Lidls where there is mooring for 3 or 4 boats but after we had shopped and had lunch we decided to carry on to Radford Semele where we knew there were good moorings in the countryside.   After such lovely surroundings of the Hatton Flight the environs of Warwick and Leamington leave a lot to be desired.   We have since been told by another boat that one can go into the Salford Arm and stay one night free and thereafter £5 in very secure surroundings.
Time down the 21 Hatton locks was just under 3 hours
Bet they have uneven floors....
Pub at Turners Green which Geoff thought he remembered being derelict last time we were here......

One down, 20 to go!
The cafe at the top looks inviting but we had only just started is so early there are no gongoozlers about
Plenty of locks ahead.

Geoff working hard
Cape locks with the Cape of Good Hope Pub

Total distance:9.14 miles

Elapsed time:6h0m8s



Average speed:1.52 mph (5.35 lock/mph) 

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