Wednesday, 19 June 2013

and so to Stratford

Forecast promised a good day so we were up the lark and on our way down the 16 locks to Stratford.    Mostly set out way apart from the odd leaky one.   Geoff and Barney hopped aboard occasionally for the quick cup of coffee (well Geoff did!!) but they both walked a fair way to Stratford.
Most have quite strong bywashes when exiting
The bywashes make life slightly interesting on the way out but will be more fun on the way back up no doubt....

We had met a man on a boat last night who told us the pounds were quite low and to take care, however we found they were all exceedingly full and in a couple of cases the locks were overflowing.

And so to Stratford.  We decided to moor just before the entry to Bancroft Basin.  Although there was plenty of space on the pontoons it is much more convenient with Barney being on the towpath.  My ideal would have been to go down through the first lock onto the Avon and moor in the meadow.   However a short term licence for 48 hours + mooring would have cost us £30 and with the forecast not brilliant we decided (I think Geoff decided!!) to forego the pleasure.........

Total distance:3.45 miles 
Elapsed time:3h39m22s 
Average speed:0.94 mph (5.32 lock/mph) 

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