Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nearly ready!!!

Various things fixed on Petroc now.  New Tap in Galley to cure a leak.   This must be our year for taps....before we left home we had to have a new one fitted in our bedroom....all it was doing was dripping.....a few years ago we would just have needed a new washer........nowadays it's a new tap......that is obviously progress.....for someone!!

Sat TV fixed with the purchase of a new Freesat box.

D Day is tomorrow........we hope....I need a doctors appointment which I am hoping to get today then we just hope this beautiful weather continues a while longer.   It is really quite congenial here at Clifton Cruisers. Barney wanders at will occasionally passing the time of day with Ben or Heidi and seems to have slipped back to life aboard very easily.  We had a good night out with Phil & Victoria on Monday and Helen and Paul came for drinks last night so lots of catching up done.   Their cafe is open every day also with wonderful cakes..... very tempting .

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