Monday, 24 June 2013

Onward to Kingswood Junction.

Wooton Wawen Moorings with Aqueduct in the background

Last nights sky had the supermoon, and luckily the sky was clear enough to see it.

The day did not start well as despite our early start a boat pulled out just ahead of us which made certain people very grumpy for most of the day....somehow it was my fault!!!!!!  There were 17 locks all the way to Kingswood junction so Geoff had visions of a slower than normal trip.  However the boat ahead was very kind and as they went through each of the locks they cracked the paddle for us so in fact we could have had a very pleasant day if the skipper hadn't been so much of a grump!!!
Water Iris in full bloom now

An interesting Garden ornament

 We also met a few boats coming down which helped things.   nevertheless by the time we had climbed 14 locks I had had enough.   I spotted a very congenial mooring spot and had the temerity to suggest we stopped for the was after all almost lunch time.    This did not improve the skippers humour, he seemed hell bent on reaching the top.....why I do not know.....but stop we did......and my punishment for making such an outlandish suggestion was that I could not get an internet connection.....C'est la vie.....

Total distance:5.47 miles 
Elapsed time:4h57m17s 
Average speed:1.10 mph (3.93 lock/mph) 

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