Monday, 27 July 2009


Saturday 25th-Monday 27th July

Moved on early on Saturday and reached Lymm about 9.30am. We were incredibly lucky with a mooring right in the middle overlooking the town. Soon after we arrived boats came from both directions and it stayed busy all day. Admittedly it was a lovely day, but we were very glad we had arrived early. It is a pretty town with quite good shopping facilities. I even managed to have my hair cut on Saturday afternoon. The mooring notices were different from usual. The Manchester Ship Canal is not far away but I thought we were on the Bridgewater!

Barnaby likes to make himself at home on the towpath!

Geoff's inspection in the weed hatch had revealed that we had bent on of the bits on the prop when we went past the BW working. However apart from a slightly different sound from the engine, especially in reverse(at least I think it sounds different!) it does not seem to have affected our propulsion. We are hoping that we can leave a repair (or replacement)until the winter when she has to come out of the water anyway to have her bottom blacked.

Sunday was a different picture altogether as the rain was back. Luckily we had managed to purchase two new large umbrellas. We had each recently lost the original two. We climbed the hill to the church, a large Victorian structure, where the choir and organ were very good but incredibly loud. It was their organists last day and I think he wanted to go out with a bang!

Before the service the Vicar made an announcement...apparently it had been decided by their Bishop that due to Swine Flu communion would only be given in one kind, the bread, to avoid spreading germs. I am not sure on that basis that we should have been sharing the peace and shaking everyone's hand..............

So nice here we decided to stay over a day. The picture below was taken on our walk on Saturday (while the sun sill shone and we managed 3 geocaches. I have never seen a Labrador on a weather vane before.

Tomorrow we shall move on...getting closer to Manchester now. We shall not be going in this year but turning left for Wigan, a little further up

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