Friday, 17 July 2009

Whitchurch to Hurlesdon (nearly)

Wednesday 15th (cont'd)
Whilst Geoff was off exploring Whitchurch for shopping possibilities Boe phoned and said could she join us for a few days. She has just completed her 1 year PGCE course and managed to obtain a job teaching in a school in Bayswater. It has been a very intensive course and I think she felt in need of a few days R&R. To cut a long story short she caught a train to Whitchurch that evening. Prior to her arrival we did a Tesco shop. Not the easiest in the world as it was a fair stride and despite taking the wheelie trolley as well as rucksack it was tiring. We needed a few heavy items and since the psychedelic shopping trolley was far too heavy for my back Geoff had to wheel it back through town!!
After supper Geoff went to meet Boe. Inevitably her train from London was late so she missed her connection at Crewe..........consequently they did not arrive at Petroc until after 11pm. However it was lovely to see her.

Thursday 16th July
Off reasonably early, leaving Boe in bed! However she did surface later when we reached Grindley Brook Locks. She then walked with Geoff & Barnaby helping through some of the next locks. Eventually found ourselves a nice secluded mooring close to Marbury and the sun was shining...what more could one ask for........
Since we had always planned to treat ourselves to a meal in the Swan at Marbury Geoff set off to check it out.....the recommendation was from our guide book. It also said Marbury was an extremely pretty village.

Marbury Church

View from Marbury Churchyard (one of the nicest churchyards Geoff had seen)

Inside Marbury Church (preparing for their Flower Festival)

Whilst he was gone Boe and I did a spot of relaxing
Geoff arrived back and reported favourably on the pub and had booked for 7pm. As it turned out soon after his return the sun disappeared and the rain returned. Batten down the hatches.
The rain continued all evening and we had a very wet walk up to the village, however the meal was good so it was worth it...I think.....
Friday 17th July
Set off about 8.30 (late for us) but we needed the post office in Wrenbury which was only 2 miles away. Soon after leaving Wrenbury the rain was back and Geoffrey was heard to remark that this was no fun!! We had been considering stopping anyway but when we reached the top of Baddeley locks we spied Sweet September with Alan & Gillian aboard(we share the same boatbuilder). So we moored up and went aboard for coffee and a catch up which was lovely. (They are going in the opposite direction to us). It would have been nice to linger longer but it would have made a very long run for Saturday. The goal is Church Minshull on the Middlewich Arm. The book says there is a church and a pub there for Sunday.

Happy Geoff just before we paused
We carried on to Swanley Bridge marina for fuel and to collect mail. The rain had stopped briefly but was soon back. So when we set off from there we moored in the first convenient looking spot which was just after bridge 6. We are nicely placed for an early start to go through the Hurlesdon Locks and off the Llangollen. As I write this the rain is still pouring down outside....but I don't care now as I am warm and dry below!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've very nearly lost the will to live getting this far. Colleen and I will be transitting north round about the 20/21 Augt. Where will you be then - ish> We'd like to try and r/v with you if that's poss. 01343850527 or

Anonymous said...

Evnin' both, This is a back up to Colleen's e-mail. We will be transitting north round about 20/21 Aug. Any idea where you will be those dates?? We'd like to try to r/v with you if poss. 01343850527 or