Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Llangollen to Whitchurch

Monday 13th July

We left Llangollen before 7 (we weren't the first, someone had left at 0545!) Our idea was to get through the one way narrows before there was much chance of traffic coming the other way. We were successful in this. The views along the route are stunning but we were unable to catch them on camera to do them justice. The canal seems to run along a ridge, so in the foreground you are up above but further away you have all the green hills....fantastic. There are lots of isolated houses nestling in the trees which must be quite bleak in the winter.

We passed a lonely walker on the towpath

The arm at Trevor just before the Aqueduct with all the hire boats.

This is the entrance to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. If you enlarge the picture you can see the railings on the right stopping and then just a very low wall. This was why I had been unable to steer coming over as I was standing on that side with the sheer drop. However I was determined to do it the other way. I studiously kept my eyes on the towpath. I did venture a quick look a couple of times to the right but quickly had to look away again.....what a coward.....
However I managed it, albeit with collywobbles in my stomach.
The view below was taken by brave Geoff!!!

Not long after Pontcysyllte we came to Chirk Tunnel where we found a traffic jam! It is a one way tunnel but you can see the other end quite easily. No boats in but as we approached a walker appeared out of the tunnel saying he had been sent to stop any boats coming through. It seemed there was a crowd waiting to come through and there was no more room for any to wait at the other end. We duly waited for 5 boats to come through and then Geoff took us through......I still don't do tunnels. The Chirk Aqueduct is just after the tunnel and the boat queue for the tunnel had built up again but we were just able to squeeze past the last one and onto the aqueduct. Apart from the fact that this is shorter than the Pontcysyllte there is a broad wall on the non towpath side so you don't look vertically no problems here. We carried on and moored just below the new Marton Locks. Thankfully the rain held off, these were the locks we got drenched as we went through on the way up.
Tuesday 14th July
Another early morning! However the forecast keeps saying rain in the afternoon so it seems a good idea....
Stopped in Ellesmere to shop and water and then on the way again to moor at The Barn which is a small canal shop and pleasant very quiet moorings. In the evening Geoff and Barney strolled up to the Waggonners Inn at Platt Lane, the next bridge, only to discover that it had shut!!!!
These long days and early starts are too much
Wednesday 15th July

A very lazy start today, we didn't leave until 0930. We were only planning to go as far as Whitchurch. We waited for the shop to open as we needed eggs and then had a gentle run up to the Whitchurch Arm. Weather is still variable and we got drenched in a sudden shower but as I write this the sun is shining again.

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