Friday, 24 July 2009

Anderton and Stockton Heath

Wednesday/Thursday 22nd/23rd July
Two years ago when we came this way we could not find a mooring at Anderton. This time we were much luckier and found a very pleasant spot just before the entrance to the lift. We were still undecided as to whether we would go down onto the Weaver or not. After some deliberation (on Geoff's part) we decided against it, partly because the weather is still somewhat unsettled and partly on time. We may do it on the way back.

We went to have a look at it again and marvelled at it's ingenuity. It is quite an edifice.

The mooring was so pleasant and there were lots of woodland walks so we decided to stay over a day. The weather was alternatively hot sunshine and heavy showers, but during a dry spell I managed to touch up the black on one side of Petroc. We also managed 4 geocahes in the nearby woodland.
The Moorings Restaurant in Anderton Marina were offering a two course early bird dinner for £10 so we thought we would treat ourselves.......needless to say we were seduced by other things on the menu so we paid somewhat more...however it was very reasonably priced and very good food. Thoroughly recommended.
The picture below was taken from the restaurant window! (Click to enlarge)
Whilst we were there we met up with Owen on Guilt Free Indulgence whom we had last seen in 2008 on the Kennet & Avon.
Friday 24th July
Another of those early starts as we wanted to get to Stockton Heath to do some shopping. This was a 3 tunnel day, not to my liking at all. Barnton Tunnel, Saltersford Tunnel and Preston Brook. Both Saltersford and Preston Brook are time controlled in each direction, and we had to wait at both, so it made for a longer trip than anticipated. However we made Stockton Heath before lunch and set off to shop. We had not stopped here before and we pleasantly surprised. It was much more up market than we had thought and really very pleasant.
We shall stay the night and carry on to Lymm for the weekend. We have stayed there before so we know there is a church and pub.

We came aross working boats which held us up for a while, also we are not sure whether we hit something on the bottom. Geoff has to have a poke around down the weed hatch later his delight.

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