Friday, 10 July 2009


Friday 10th July
Geoff & Barnaby took an early morning walk over the Chirk Aqueduct and into town for the paper.
We set off just before 9 with the destination the arm at Trevor. We didn't want to leave too early as we were hoping some people would vacate spaces.

I steered over the aqueduct and briefly flirted with the idea of trying to steer in the tunnel. This is something I never do as I become completely disorientated. Luckily Geoff vetoed it as it was not a nice tunnel at all. It was very dry unlike some but it is one way traffic and because of the constant flow of water against us it creates a funnel effect which makes it quite difficult to keep off the sides. We have had this effect all the way on the Llangollen as we have gone through numerous bridges. Unlike most canals, the Llangollen serves a purpose as far as water is concerned. The reservoir at Hurlesdon Locks at the start of the canal stores water that had flowed down from the River Dee at Horseshoe Fall above Llangollen itself. From the reservoir it is treated and piped to the kitchen sinks in Crewe.....

This is the lifting bridge just before the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct which was next on the agenda. However just around the corner we spied some moorings complete with rings which looked very pleasant so we decided to stop instead of going into the arm at Trevor. I made myself comfortable on the wide bank, put the washing out and settled down. Geoff went off with Barney to explore the surrounding area. On his return nearly two hours later he said we had failed to notice that these were private now I have a conscience. However we have decided to stay put and will move if asked.

Petroc (3rd Boat) moored Ffroncsysllte
The plot tomorrow is to carry on to Llangollen for the weekend. Despite the numerous boats it seems a shame not to go all the way now, beside which we need the BW facilities and they are the only close one!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Gill and Geoff,
We are not as good with the internet as you obviously are. We are enjoying keeping uo with your travels. We are at the bottom of the Hatton flight, heading towards the Macclesfiels and the Peak canals. Are you going in that direction after the Llangollen?
We will look out for you on our travels. Mike and Marian. NB. Brimble

gbl said...

Hi Mike & Marian
Unfortunately not. We are heading north towards the Anderton and the Weaver and then we have a booking on the Lancaster on 6th Aug. Enjoy the Macclesfield and Peak, we certainly did 2 years ago