Friday, 5 August 2016

Towards Gloucester.

Sainsbury's 2 hr shopping mooring
Looking towards Gloucester
We did move on Wednesday as the wind had slackened and the weather overall showed some improvement.   We cruised back to Rhea bridge, surprised to find the moorings almost empty.   It is a convenient place to catch the bus into Gloucester.  In fact I needed to get to Maplins which is a two bus ride but it was relatively painless, especially with a bus pass!!!
Returning into Gloucester I stopped off and had a browse in the Outlet centre of Gloucester Quays.

Thursday was Geoff's turn to have a wander into Gloucester.   He was gone several hours but only purchased one item of interest.  We needed to replace the small rucksack we take with the necessities for clearing up after Barnaby.  He found what he though was a suitably small rucksack failing to notice that it was in fact a child's bag and the straps, even at their longest, were nowhere near long enough for him to get it on his back......

This morning we departed early to shop at Sainsburys and were lucky enough to find space on the moorings right in front.   I departed to do the shopping and was doing my normal putting away act, ie getting a quart into a pint pot, when we had a surprise visitor.  Angela, otherwise known as the Reverend Angela from our Benefice, was passing by and had spied Petroc.  So a pause in the shopping capers for a welcome coffee break.  It turns out that she had a parish near here at Hemstead for 6 years and she was back visiting friends.

Geoff made a second visit to Sainsburys for the booze....we are expecting several visitors in the next 10 days!!

A couple of hours gentle cruise brought us back to a good open mooring about a mile short of Saul. (Surrounded by fishermen)
The plan is to move further up Saturday cooked breakfast at the Stables cafe beckons......

Total distance:9.12 miles 
Elapsed time:4h1m1s (includes shopping and coffee!)
Average speed:1.70 mph (1.70 lock/mph) 

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