Saturday, 13 August 2016

To the end of the canal in slow time

After a pleasant meal in the Ship at Framilode on Wednesday Anne & Keith departed Thursday morning having dropped me on the road into Gloucester to catch the faithful No 12 bus which runs every 10 minutes.  I was able to meet up with two more friends Gill & Ronnie.  We had a good catch up but a rather indifferent lunch in the Cathedral cafĂ©.  Paninis with a very sparse filling and staff that needed a shake up!   Such a shame in a beautiful cathedral.  Ronnie then drove me back to Petroc and stayed for supper.

Friday was domestic and relaxing day........filled up with water and fuel.......emptied rubbish and loo!!!   Luckily the manoeuvring required to accomplish all those tasks were accomplished in the morning which was a bit blowy....but by the afternoon, despite the sunshine it was blowing a hooley.

On Saturday morning it was still blowing quite strongly and if we had not arranged to meet Sue Fletcher at the far end of the canal we would have stayed put.  She is staying with her sister who lives not too far from Sharpness and we had arranged a meet up. 

It was well worth the effort as despite the wind it was a very pleasant temperature and Sue & I were able to sit out on the bank and have a good catch up.  The wind did eventually die down to a more gentle breeze.  We talked our way through coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, pimms at 6, all followed by supper of home made pizzas which Sue had brought and semi home made crumble!   The crumble was blackberries picked by Geoff, Ronnie & myself and apples from Gill & Geoff when they visited last Sunday.  The topping was provided courtesy of Tescos!!!!!  What a cheat.....

When Sue departed Barney and I walked part way with her and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

A solitary wind thing at the end of the canal

The sun setting over the Severn.
 Sat trip
 Total distance:5.99 miles
 Elapsed time:1h46m31s
 Bridges:6  (A slight hold up at the two Purton bridges.  They are manned by a single bridgeman and he had to wait for a farmer to take a flock of sheep over....or it may have been a herd of cows....can't remember what he said when he apologised for the delay!)      
Average speed:3.37 mph

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