Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Still lingering on the G&S

Moored adjacent to Splatt bridge.  River Severn in the distance.
Another week gone by on this wonderful canal.  There are so many lovely places to moor, enough boats about but we are not inundated with them.
It has also been a week of visitors off and on.  
We eventually left the far end at Sharpness on Wednesday and found a congenial mooring near Splatt bridge.  
Thursday was shopping day so we did the run up to Sainsburys at Gloucester.  We were lucky as the two shoppers moorings were free.  We had originally intended to stay down this end until Friday but the forecast was for wind and rain so we decided to hightail it back to Splatt bridge.
En route I did my usual trick of squeezing a quart into a pint pot as far as the fridge is concerned!
The trouble is that once I have removed all the extraneous packing from the food I have filled the rubbish bin up again.....such a lot of wastage, with packaging far larger than the contents they contain.

We found a good spot near Splatt bridge again and settled in for the next 5 days.  It is about a mile to walk to the community shop in Frampton on Severn so quite handy.  Tony & Di came for lunch on Saturday (after a visit to the Three Horseshoes.....)  Weather was as forecast, wet and windy.

Geoff and I had tested the food at the pub there to see if it was suitable for our weekend guests.  We had to sample their much advertised '3SHU PIE'.   This is a pie with 3 horizontal layers, creamy cauliflower cheese, mash & veg and then finally the meat of your choice.  The choice is large, I went for the minted lamb and Geoff the steak and kidney.  The whole is topped of with home made puff pastry and was quite delicious.

Sunday saw the arrival of Anne & Graham and another visit to the Three Horseshoes.  I had the same pie but this time Geoff tried the Liver & Onion.  As good as the previous time.   The only problem was they had one of my favourite puddings on the menu but I couldn't manage it.  (Steamed syrup sponge!!)  They stayed overnight in the Bell in at the other end of Frampton and we lunched aboard Petroc again.  Sadly, although the weather had improved somewhat, it was not sitting out weather.

Today we have moved back down to Sharpness to have our final couple of days here for this year.
I did the walk to the shop this morning which was considerably lengthened as I discovered when I was almost back at Petroc that I had left my hiking stick in the shop......so about turn and go all the way back.  It was beginning to heat up by then and even Barnaby was not sure he wanted to turn round!  So instead of a 2+ mile walk I had a 3.5+ walk...much too far for me especially when it is hot.

He was forced to pause at one of the several ponds on the village green
If he was a typical Labrador he would have gone in for a swim,
 but he wont ever go out of his depth
Now moored at the end again and sheltering in the shade below until it cools off later.  

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