Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Still in Sharpness

We have been blessed with delightful weather for this sojourn at the end of the canal
For some boats it is not the end of course.......for the bigger sea going boats you can go out of the lock and down the Bristol Channel into Bristol....you can even do it by narrowboat if you have a pilot......but that is not for me....I am content to linger in the peacefulness of the moorings here at the end.   There are not may facilities but there is water just before Sharpness marina which is just around the corner.   We had stocked the fridge well before coming down this end and there is a small shop in the docks about a mile away which has a very limited range but we have been content.

Sue came down again on Monday and we had another good natter...Geoff is at a loss to know what we find to talk about!!!   Since we spent out time sitting on the towpath he was not privy to our conversation!

From the end of the marina you can look down the Bristol Channel
and in the other direction up towards Gloucester.
This wide expanse was once crossed by a railway bridge as you can see in these pictures

Just down from our mooring stand the remains of this side of the bridge
and a plaque telling the history (click on photo to read)
or click this link
It has been quite delightful down this end but we must move back a bit tomorrow....the fridge is beginning to look a little bare........

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