Monday, 25 August 2014

Visitors at Riley Green

A planned layover day as we were expecting visitors.  We had already had a surprise visit from John &Rosi yesterday but today they were coming with friends Ros and Mike with whom they were staying in Wrea Green near Lytham St Anne's .
An element of doubt hung over the visit as the weathermen were predicting dire weather with torrential rain, but in the event no rain materialised until much later on.

So a very convivial day ensued with lunch aboard Petroc, after the men had returned from the Boatyard pub......lots of gossiping and putting the world to rights and then more visitors during the afternoon as  Bill & Hilary, mutual friends of John & Rosi, came to call after lunch.........more gossiping!!
Bill & Hilary departed and later the six of us went to the Royal Oak pub for an excellent meal.  This is a short walk away from the canal but well worth it as the food was excellent.  Needless to say as we set out the promised rain arrived.......5 of us travelled in the car and Geoff nobly walked with his umbrella.

By the time of the return trip the rain had intensified so Ros kindly did an extra run for Geoff & me.  We still had to walk from the bridge and needless to say we had both forgotten a torch!!  However in these modern days my iPhone light did a reasonable job......helped to avoid the puddles which had built up during our sojourn in the pub.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Geoff saw the first Kingfisher of the fact he saw it several times as it flew back and forth.....needless to say I did not see it.....

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