Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Onward towards Wigan

Another long day planned as we want to do the Wigan Flight before the weather takes a turn for the worse again.

Early start just after 7.30, the rain had disappeared by then and the day looked promising but cold and with a cold easterly wind.  This meant 4 layers of clothes, woolly hat and gloves!    It is August........

The 7 Johnson locks presented very little trouble apart from one.   I came out of lock 66 and the gate for 65 was open so no hovering in the wind was needed......easy peasy!   However not far from the gate the undertow from the outflow of previous lock must have caught me somehow as I slid gently sideways and away from the lock with no control whatsoever.   With the wind blowing it took a fair bit of manoeuvring to get myself back to where I was meant to be.

No more locks until the 21 at Wigan now.  It was a gentle but longish (for us) run almost to the top of the locks.  We passed one or two boats but still not many.
We passed another sorry sight of a closed pub
We also passed this huge building and I had fond hopes it might be another mill outlet as I was still disappointed they had demolished Barton Mill a bit further back.........No such luck....it appeared to be 'The largest play centre in the north'
according to the sign.

We eventually found a nice open mooring a couple of bridges short of Wigan Top Lock

Total distance:12 miles 
Elapsed time:5.5 hrs 
Bridges:44  (lots of bridges on this stretch)

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