Tuesday, 5 August 2014

East Marton

A gentle 2 mile hop today to East Marton
leaving our lovely mooring
Barney & I walked to East Marton through this delightful countryside
Moored just along from this unusual bridge......any ideas why it was built so????
Moorings at East Marton

The village has a church, a lovely tea room, a livery stables and ........................
.....a pub
We indulged ourselves in the coffee shop which was very decadent but a real treat.   We then went up to the pub to check out food for the evening and it was so sunny we were forced to sit out and have a swift half!
We were expecting daughter Boe at some stage.......the time depended on how lost she got.

It transpired that she did get quite lost...ending up going in the wrong direction down the M65........the latter part of her journey was from Hebden Bridge where she had had lunch with a friend.   We haven't quite figured out why she was on the M65 in the first place.

She made it in the end and later we returned to the Cross keys where we had a very good meal.

Total distance:1.64 miles 
Elapsed time:0h58m9s 
Average speed:1.69 mph (1.69 lock/mph) 

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