Monday, 4 August 2014

Big Locking Day and Idyllic Mooring

Back to locks with a vengeance today, 11 completed and with no company.   We did the first two to the sani station in Gargrave and hoped by the time we had finished there might be someone else stirring but no luck....mind you it was still only just after 8 when we left there.   After completing the Gargrave locks I did make the tentative suggestion that we sit at the bottom of the Bank Newton 6 locks to wait for another boat, but that suggestion did not receive favourable attention!

After not a very good sleeping night I was somewhat exhausted by the time we had completed those and even Geoff was a little weary.  Doing wide locks on your own is not ideal.  The destination was intended to be East Marton but soon after leaving the Bank Newton Locks we found just the most idyllic mooring.   The views are fantastic and there is even shuttering to moor too, lovely and open and we are not aground one one side as we have been intermittently all the time in Gargrave.  (We wouldn't have been if we had gone up to the proper moorings but it was nicer where we were...less trees)

and the sun is shining!
It is an almost 360 panoramic view ...fantastic

We have tried to do it better justice with a video but think we need a bit more practice!   Click on the link
Our lovely peaceful mooring

Total distance:2.93 miles Elapsed time:5h1m40s Locks:11Bridges:11 Average speed:0.58 mph (2.77 lock/mph)

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