Friday, 29 August 2014

Rest day in Lymm

Reservoir just above the village
Parish Church
Duck Pond in the centre of the village
Local Bakers and Coffee shop.....with mouth watering goodies inside.  Unfortunately we could only sample the coffee today as we are still doing our 5 and 2 diet and today was one of the 2 light days!

Lymm is a delightful village so it is no wonder the moorings are quite full, however there is plenty of room away from the 48 hour moorings so there is not really a problem.

After all our long days, today was at last a day of rest.  Well maybe not quite...after meeting John & Rosi for coffee I settled down to some admin type chores and Geoff went on a long walk with Barney.  He decided to do a dry run of our proposed trip tomorrow.  The plan was to do a circular walk to Thelwell viaduct and catch the little ferry over the Manchester Ship canal, walk to the big locks, cross back and return via the penning Way.  That plan has been scrapped as there was no sign of the ferryman and Geoff decided it was too far for me to walk.   So instead we shall drive Petroc up and hope we can find somewhere to moor and do the trip.

We heard from John and Rosi soon after they left to say that they had only just joined the M6 at the Lymm interchange when they came to a grinding halt.  A multi vehicle accident had closed the M6 and they sat there for several hours.....they eventually arrived home just before 7pm....must have been close on 8 hours.

I managed to get an appointment with the local hairdresser so my locks are now under control again.

The rain started in earnest after tea time and we are hoping it all goes through in the night.

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